California Life Magazine

California Life was a magazine published weekly by a syndicate of Pasadena Hotels to promote the good life and document High Society doings in and around the Pasadena Hotels, during the first few decades of the 20th century. We're not sure of the exact range of publication dates, but we've seen issues from approximately 1910 through 1930, and its volume numbering suggests it goes back to 1903. In its earliest years (at least in 1910-1911) it was known as Maryland Hotel Life.

In January, 2006, we scoured all the copies available at the Pasadena Public Library. We found no references to Archie M. Andrews in any of the following issues:
In addition, on other occasions we've checked a few other issues we've managed to get our hands on. Again, these contain no references to Archie M. Andrews:
Below are the references we did find to Archie M. Andrews, or enterprises in which he was involved, in issues available at the Pasadena Public Library in January, 2006.

California Life Magazine
Dec. 25, 1920

Advertisement for "Altadena Country Club Park - Adjoining
the Golf Course ... A HOGAN Subdivision in the foothills
of Pasadena - Every lot Forever a View lot"

California Life Magazine
Jan. 22, 1921

"...rejuvenated course of the Old Altadena Club,
now known the world over as the Pasadena Golf
Club. Through the courtesy of its President, Mr.
A.M. Andrews
, tournaments of all descriptions were
held from time to time and many more of much
importance are in the air. And every one of them has
been a huge success. Especially grateful to Mr.
are the many prominent professional
players that have been guests of the genial President
and as Honorary Secretary-Treasurer of the Southern
California Professional Golfers Association I [D. Scott
Chisolm] have had cause to convey the sincere thanks
of its members to Mr. Andrews."

California Life Magazine
Feb. 26, 1921

"It was the fertile brain of A.M. Andrews that
conceived the idea of holding a left handed golfers'
tournament and through the courtesy of the Board of
Directors of the Pasadena Gold Club, said tournament was
staged at their course on Sunday, the twentieth day of

California Life Magazine
May 13-27, 1922

"D.M. Linnard resumed control of Maryland and the Greens
on May 12, 1922, after absence of 2 1/2 years."
"A.M. Andrews is president of Pasadena Country Club."

California Life Magazine
Mar. 10, 1923 and April 14, 1923

A Bank Account in a Pasadena Bank would be a
great convenience during your visit to Southern
California and would provide safety for your
funds as well as a local reference in time of need.

Funds may be transferred direct to a Pasadena
Bank by your home institution.

Pasadena Clearing House Association

California Life Magazine
Dec. 15, 1923

The Hotel Green was purchased by a syndicate of Pasadena,
Los Angeles, and Long Beach men, who bought it from the
Pasadena Hotel Corp for approximately $1,000,000. Possession
was taken on April 1.

The Pasadena Hotel Corp president is J.B. Coulston.
Secretary-Treasurer H.L. Thompson represents the interests
of the late Colonel John Lambert.

The syndicate consists of:
Frank C. Waterbury, Des Moines and Long Beach
Clarles E. Gallaher, Long Beach, formerly New York
A.C. Blumenthal, Los Angeles and San Francisco
D.M. Linnard
Charles W. Moore
A.J. Bertonneau
Dr. W.E. Nichols, Pasadena, and Dr. J.J. Bleecker,
    Pasadena, who are understood to represent a group
    of professional men in the syndicate
H.B. Byron, Pasadena bond man
D.E. Postle, construction engineer and capitalist
Ellis Bishop